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The GOTO brand of products is a core part of the collaboration suite used in day to day activities. This document references two core products:

  • GoToMeeting – Digital meeting presence and conferencing services software. This meeting platform is used to host conference calls, screen sharing sessions, or a combined voice and digital presence session.  
  • Jive -  VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system. This phone system is for day to day calls between co-workers and external parties. You each have a direct line, extension, voicemail box, and SMS (text messaging) capabilities.

Table of Contents


GoTo Meeting 2

Account Setup2


Key First Steps3

Training Resources4

Quick Start Training Videos: 4

Live Training (Register For Training Sessions) 4

Full Product Support Center 4

Calendar Integration3

Jive – Phone System.. 4

Phone Hardware Overview4

Star Codes 4

Web/Desktop App4

Web/Desktop App Training Video4




GoTo Meeting

Account Setup

You already have an account that has been set up by your administrator; it is now your responsibility to ensure that you login and set up your personal preferences.


  1. Visit http://gotomeeting.com
  2. Select “Login” you are presented with the following screen

  1. In the bottom right notice “My Company ID” please click that button
  2. The “Sign in with your company ID” screen appears, please enter your e-mail address ([email protected])

  1. Your corporate credentials login system takes over. Follow the prompts provided.





Key First Steps

  1. Follow on-screen instructions to set up your personalized room 

  1. You will be propmpted to change your timezone, once you do so, and click “save” you can close the window.
  2. Ensure you can launch a GoTo Meeting, by launching your meeting room, by visiting https://global.gotomeeting.com
  3. You do not need to install any extra software at this point, as your administrator has installed all required software on your machine.

Calendar Integration

Goto Meeting has been integrated into outlook calendar by the administrator. You have access via Outlook Web Access and Outlook for windows. The steps are detailed below:

  1. Create a new meeting invite by selecting the calendar.
  2. Notice a new “GoTo Meeting” icon.”
  3. A login prompt pops up if this is the first time you’ve logged on, follow the same login instructions from the “Account Login” section.
  4. Once the login process is complete, you notice a new sidebar.
  5. There is an option for a “Meeting Room” or to “Generate a New Meeting Link.”
    1. Meeting Room – the same room used for every meeting
    2. Generate a new meeting link-  A private room generates for the meeting your scheduling.
  6. Click one of the two options, and your meeting populates with the required information. Insert your agenda above the pre-populated information.

Training Resources

Please utilize the following resources to train yourself on the GoTo Meeting product:

Quick Start Training Videos:

Goto Meeting 101


Latest & Greatest Features


Live Training (Register For Training Sessions)


Full Product Support Center



Jive – Phone System

Phone Hardware Overview

Star Codes

Web/Desktop App

The web and desktop application are mirror interfaces.

Find the desktop app using the following icon

Web/Desktop App Training Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvQ5dZ7uQ0I (Ignore the information around changing your password, as your password is under management by single sign-on.



Quick Reference Guide

Check Voicemail

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjhutOf49Dw&feature=youtu.be


  1. Click Voicemail/Messages Icon on the phone or dial *99
  2. Dial your voicemail passcode (Default 0000) 


Check Shared Voicemail

  1. Dial *98 from a phone
  2. Enter the Extension you wish to check
  3. Enter the Passcode (Default 0000)
  4. For all shared mailboxes please change passcode to: Check with your company admin for the default passcode

Record Dial By Name Directory Name (Corporate Offices Only)

  1. Dial *21
  2. Enter your voicemail password
  3. Record your full name after the tone
  4. Press # and then choose one of the following:
    1. 1 to accept the recording
    2. 2 to listen to the recording
    3. 3 to re-record

Change Voicemail Passcode

  1. Access voicemail using one of the above options (Personal Or Shared) 
  2. Press 0 for mailbox Options
  3. Press 5 to change your passcode
  4. Enter your new passcode and press #. Every passcode much be at least four digits. 
  5. Re-Enter your new passcode and press #. 
  6. Use your new password the next time you access your voicemail box. 

Transfer A Call

Warm Transfer (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHtO50QLRfw

  1. While on an active call, press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated
  2. Dial the transfer destination (internal extension or external number).
    1. You can utilize the remote directory function as well 
  3. Speak to the destination party.
  4. Press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated

Blind Transfer (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI1QbC9T5D0

  1. While on an active call press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated
  2. Dial the transfer destination (internal extension or external number). 
  3. Press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated before the destination party answers. 
    1. To transfer a call directly to voicemail, dial 0 + extension

Put A Call On Hold

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gk1VZLdOyU

  1. Press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated to hold
  2. Press A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated to retrieve the call.